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Make any event special!

Invite Fun Event Selfies to your next event for instant fun, instant connections and instant memories. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or promoting your product at a trade show, Fun Event Selfie Station keeps the smiles rolling.

Instant memories. Instant connections. Your guests will mug, cheese, cheer and laugh as they gather around Fun Event Selfie Station at your event. Guests enjoy a wonderful souvenir they can print, text, email or post their pics to Facebook and Twitter. Add a customized photo frame or backdrop, so your brand or event gets instant buzz. Fun Event Selfie Station brings the grins and guffaws to any party or event.

We now have Digital Props and Multiple Frames to choose from

and much more!

Fun Event Selfie Station takes high quality pictures using a professional DSLR camera, then guests edit and personalize photos using the 32-inch vertical, interactive touchscreen. With easy-to-use filters and backgrounds, the post-production is as much fun as posing.

After the grins and guffaws, guests have the option to share their photos using email, text, Facebook, and Twitter as well as print them for fridges, desks and scrapbooks. The simple, easy to operate Fun Event Selfie Station is a hit at events, large and small (and in between, too).

Plus you can personalize the photo frames for your clients. Whether you’re working with a business looking for buzz or newlyweds who want to make special memories, Fun Event Selfie Station makes priceless memories for your clients.

With every event you get 2 Professional Attendants to make sure your event goes as smooth as possible!

Let's us explain how you can use this as a Fund Raiser. school events, social events. Please contact us for details 937-419-4136

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Instant Smiles, Priceless Fun, Instant Connection, Instant Memories!

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